Does Your Child Want To Make Money To Give To Homeless Shelters? 2 Ways They Can Do It

Posted on: 8 December 2016

If your child wants to make some money to give to homeless shelters in your area, this is a very kind and generous thing they can do. If they do not have their own job, they can still make some money to help. Below are two ways they can do it.

Recycle Aluminum

Your child can recycle aluminum to help the earth as well as to make money. There are different types of aluminum products they can recycle for money including:

Aluminum Cans

It will take a lot of aluminum cans to make money, but if your child finds the cans in the right way, it will help. One way to collect cans is at an event going on in your town. Ask the event coordinator if they will allow your child to set up recycling bins for people to throw away their aluminum cans. Go to the event at the end of each day and empty the bins. You may be surprised at how many cans you collect.

If you work, you can put a recycling bin in your break room and collect cans for your child.

Old Aluminum Scrap

Old scrap is something else your child can recycle. Things like aluminum lawn chairs, pie tins, aluminum foil, and any other items made of aluminum can work for this. If you have an old car, this would bring in much more money, as there is a lot of aluminum in a car.

Other items that contain aluminum that you can recycle include:

  • Aluminum siding
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Aluminum window frames
  • Aluminum door frames

Talk with a recycling company about other aluminum items your child can recycle to make money. For more information, contact local professionals like Dynamic Worldwide Trading.

Have a Sale

Your child can hold a yard sale in your area. When they advertise, let people know the funds are going to a homeless shelter. At the yard sale put a container with a label that says something like "please give to the homeless" stuck on it. People may not buy something at the yard sale but they will likely put money in the container.

Your child can ask their friends to help by bringing their own things to the sale. You and the other parents can add things you no longer use to the sale.

Your child will learn a lesson by collecting money for the homeless and can continue doing this a few times a year to give the homeless shelters some money. 


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