Unfamiliar With Automobile Recycling? A Quick View

Posted on: 21 October 2016

If you have never heard of automobile recycling, you are not alone. Most people assume that at the end of a car's life it just goes to a scrap yard to be stripped for parts. There is an alternative—recycling. The two processes should not be confused however. Here are a few pointers to help clarify.

Automobile Recycling Turns One Car into Another

No, it is not magic. The auto recycling center does turn one car into another, but not in the way that you think. The first thing that happens is that the car's engine and all connecting parts under the body of the car are stripped off so the car does not explode for the next step. Even the wheels, seats, and tires are removed so that the car is nothing more than a metal box.

Next, the "metal box" is placed inside a car crusher. The crusher, depending on the type, will either mush the car into a cube, or the huge flattening plates of the crusher will smash the car into a thick layered sheet of metal. Then the "car sheet" or cube is stacked on top of other sheets or cubes and secured together.

Finally, the sheets and cubes are picked up by a car manufacturer's transport and taken to the factory. There, these former vehicles are melted down, repoured, and remolded. The parts made from the recycled cars become new cars.

Why This Is Different from Salvage

Salvage yards store, strip, and sell used cars and car parts. Some may even strip metal off the cars to sell, but they usually are not the types of places that crush or compact cars. Old cars are piled up for years on a salvage lot, rusting, decaying, falling apart, and seeping all kinds of pollutants into the ground underneath them. Auto recycling does not do that since it turns old into new almost immediately. No pollutants of any kind are left to damage the environment and everything gets a new life.

If you think you would like to send your car off to an auto recycling center rather than a salvage yard, you may have to look around. Most of the auto recycling centers are located near major metropolises because of the number of cars and people who own them. You may have to either drive your car to the nearest recycling center (if it still drives) or call a recycling center such as Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling to see if they will pick it up.


Learning About The Benefits Of Recycling

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