Choosing the Right Recycling Options for Your Business

Posted on: 3 October 2016

Recycling is an important force in the protection of the environment, but recyling can be tricky. There are many methods, and getting it right might seem like a challenge. Here are three options to make recycling easier for you.

Keep a Roll-Off Dumpster for Recyclables

The first thing to consider is getting a large roll-off dumpster to use for recyclables. You can have two of different colors, one blue and one green, for example, to indicate which one is for perishable and recyclable goods and which is for items that can't be recycled. Once the recyclable items are ready to go to the recycling company, the roll-off dumpster can be picked up by the company and replaced with a new one. 

Create a Compost Heap

Another option, particularly if you work with food, is to use a compost heap. With all food items except for meats, it's possible to throw them into a pile,where they can decompose and create a strong fertilizer. This compost can then be used on a garden or in another location to help trees or other plants grow. Remember to turn the compost pile every week or so; use a shovel to flip it around, and introduce worms to the pile if you don't see enough decomposition. 

Meats should go into the normal trash with grease separated out into containers. Meat draws predators and has a risk of spreading disease, so you don't want to keep it in your compost heap. 

Use Recycling Bins Inside

Using recycling bins inside reminds workers to recycle throughout the day. Used up a can of materials? Throw the aluminum into the metal bin. Printing papers can go into a paper recycling bin. Non-recyclable trash can go in a normal trash can while things like glass and food go into their own bins. Label each of the bins with their names and what should go inside, and remember that these should either be taken to the curb for a recycling truck to pick up or taken to the dump at least once weekly for sorting. 

Taking these steps can help save the environment and keep your office clean with less trash waste. Whether you use a large recycling unit for all recyclables or smaller containers to collect them in more specific groups, you're doing a favor to the environment that generations to come will thank you for. 

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