Starting A Community Recycling Program: Three Things To Consider

Posted on: 12 September 2016

Encouraging the residents in your community to recycle can help to improve your neighborhood's impact on the environment, and it can even help to raise a bit of money for the community. If you are considering starting a community recycling program, here are a few ideas you can use.

Designate Recycling Drop-Off Locations

You can encourage people to recycle items by providing convenient places for them to drop off their recycling. Identify a few areas in the community where you can have roll-off dumpsters placed during recycling drives. Places you can use might include the parking lot at the local library, an elementary school or a public park. If your area has a large population, assign a few locations to make it easier for residents to access them. Contact a dumpster rental company like Lakeshore Recycling to see if they can provide several dumpsters at each location so recyclables can be sorted by type. You may want to have separate dumpsters for paper, plastic, and electronics. Work with your local recycling center to sell the recyclables that are worth money, and use the funds to do something exciting for the neighborhood.

Add Recycling Bins To Public Areas

Having trash cans on street corners can help to prevent littering, but adding recycling cans or bins next to them can encourage people to dispose of trash more responsibly. Your dumpster rental company may have containers available for rent that include bins for paper, plastic, and metal, so people can sort their trash as they dispose of it. Challenge your police department to reward residents "caught" recycling with a reward, such as a gift card to a local restaurant. This can get everyone excited about the new recycling initiative.

Throw A Kickoff Event

Work with your dumpster rental company and local businesses to host a kickoff event for your new recycling program. You can host this event at a public park or a school. The dumpster rental company can bring a shiny, clean garbage truck for kids to check out, and it can host a seminar to educate your community about how to improve their recycling habits. Have other local businesses on hand to pass out prizes and serve food, and make the event a party for the whole community. Be sure to have recycling bins and roll-off dumpsters on site so everyone can practice their new recycling habits.

With the help of your dumpster rental company and your community, you can create a community recycling program that helps to reduce waste and create a better impact on the environment. Use these ideas as inspiration, and see what other great ideas you can come up with to get people excited about recycling.


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