Clear These Items Out Of Your Kitchen In Advance Of The Next Recycling Pickup

Posted on: 7 September 2016

While the items that you place in your recycling bin on a weekly basis might primarily be newspapers, flyers, and empty cans, you can also use this bin to help collect items that are cluttering your home but that shouldn't be thrown in the trash. One of the key strategies to effective decluttering is to select one room at a time, move through it and pull out the things that you no longer need to keep. Given that a kitchen can get quite cluttered, it serves as an ideal starting point. You'll likely come across many items that can be recycled, allowing you to clean up your home and be environmentally conscious while doing it. Here are some common kitchen items that you can get rid of in this manner.

Paper Products

The average kitchen contains a significant amount of never- or seldom-used paper items that can be disposed of in your recycling bin. Expired coupons sitting in the bottom of a drawer, napkins from fast food restaurants that you kept with the vision of eventually using, take-out menus from establishments that are no longer in business, food magazines that you don't read and recipes printed off the Internet are often worthy of removing from your kitchen. The good news is that these items won't have to end up in a landfill; instead, they're perfectly suited for your recycling bin.

Food Storage Containers

Take some time to pull out all the food storage containers out of your cupboards and drawers and inventory them. In many cases, you'll have some orphan items — pieces that no longer match up with their counterpart. For example, you'll often have some lids that don't fit any of your containers because the container either broke or wasn't returned to you when you gave food to someone. Now is also the time to get rid of the cheap storage containers that you've collected over the years that have a poor lid seal and are prone to leaking.


How many drinking glasses do you need? The answer, if you're honest with yourself, is likely far fewer than the number of glasses in your cupboards. While it's good to have a matching glassware set, take advantage of your purging frame of mind to remove non-matching glasses and add them to your recycling bin. Free glasses that you've picked up through various promotions at stores, for example, may no longer have much appeal and are best suited to be recycled.

For more information on what items can be safely recycled, contact a recycling service like Uribe Refuse Services Inc.


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