Need Extra Cash? How To Make A Profit Off The Old Car In Your Back Yard

Posted on: 1 September 2016

Everyone needs extra cash at some point, whether it is for unexpected bills or a vacation. You may be wondering how to make some extra cash fast without borrowing it from a finance company or a family member. If you have an old car that's been sitting in your back yard or in your garage, you can have it towed to a recycling center and earn money from doing so. Check out how your old junk car can help you pay your bills or send you on that vacation you've been looking forward to.

Your First Step To Having Your Old Car Towed For Cash

Finding a recycling company in your area that tows old cars and pays for them is important. Once you locate the company that is interested in towing your old car and you have an appointment for its pickup, take the time to clean out your car to make sure you have nothing in it that is valuable. You want to make sure there are no documents or other papers in your old car that could be used by someone interested in stealing your identity. If your car starts, parking it an area of your property that will make it easier to reach with a tow truck is a good idea.

When An Old Car Has A Tag, Insurance And Registration

While most people do not have a tag on an old car in their yard, many others must because of state and local ordinances about it. If your old car has a tag, taking it the Department of Motor Vehicles to turn it in is best to avoid problems later. Calling and having insurance taken off the car you are recycling is your next step. Many car recycling companies will take care of the title and registration for you. However, making sure the company you have chosen will take care of the title and registration details is important. Also, you should know that if there is any type of lien against your old car, it will not be accepted by the recycling company.

Taking A Photo Of Your Old Car Is Smart

Before you have your old car towed for recycling, be sure to take a photo of it for your records. Also, when the tow truck arrives, you might think about taking a photo of the truck towing your old car. In this way, if any discrepancies come up, you will have documented proof your car was towed by that particular company. Be sure to check the name on the tow truck to ensure it is from the recycling company you contacted.

You will receive the money for your old car from the tow truck driver in some cases. Other companies may wait until after the car has been recycled to see how much they get for it. Inquire when you make arrangement for towing which payment policy that company uses. For more information, contact a car recycling company like TVM Recycling near you.


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